Molly’s Diary – Week 2

August 27, 2016

So Molly is getting more playful and inquisitive now, and she looks for every opportunity to explore.  Remembering that she explores with her mouth, we are conscious of having appropriate things available for her to chew on to divert her from the things we would rather she didn’t.

We are still practicing the “down” and “sit” behaviors.  She is very good at coming when called indoors, and is also pretty good in the back yard. We will be doing more training so that she will come when called in more distracting situations.

Potty training is going very well; the occasional accident she had this week was because we missed the signs and didn’t get her outside in time.

Molly shows no signs of guarding and she has no reason to believe that Mitch wouldn’t want to share his toys or treats with her too.  Mitch is very good with Molly but a watchful eye is always on them to read his body language and to look out for signs that he’s not comfortable.

One of the best things ever (apparently) is digging holes in our yard.  I’m thinking Molly can hear bugs, etc. and is trying to get them.  By distracting her and directing her to more fun games, we seem to have it under control.  Also, placing poop in the hole she has dug deters her from digging there again.

We have been mainly focusing on socialization skills this week.  Molly has happily met and greeted new people, been to new places, and played with different toys and novel items.

Earlier in the week we took a trip to the lake for Mitch to go swimming.  Of course Molly is not able to go in the water yet but there were a lot of noises and things for her to look at as well as walking on different surfaces.

Some things Molly is enjoying:

  • She likes to get in amongst our 2 adolescent labs and get them to chase her, then run under the TV table where only she can fit.
  • Biting the heads off the flowers in our new planters is a great thing to ease boredom.
  • Life is great. There is so much to learn and so many fun things to get into.