Keeping Your Children Safe Around Dogs

January 27, 2016

Things You Should Not Do & Things To Do Instead

Following these do’s and don’t’s will help to keep your children safe around dogs and prevent dog bites.

Do Not Do
Hug a dog, put your face close to his, or lie on him Sit beside your dog, rub his chest, or scratch him on the side of his neck
Play chase-me games with a dog Play fetch with the dog: teach him to trade the object for a treat so he won’t tug
Lean over or step over a dog Respect a dog’s resting place – go around him or ask an adult to move him
Bother a dog who is sleeping, eating, has a toy or bone, is hurt, or has puppies Wait for him to come to you for attention
Dress up a dog in play clothes Dress up your stuffed animals
Hit a dog or poke him with a stick Be gentle with dogs
Pull a dog’s ears, tail, or fur Scratch his chest or the side of his neck. Most dogs enjoy this
Stick fingers or hands into the dog’s crate Ask an adult to let the dog out of the crate if you want to pet him
Play in the dog’s crate play “in and out of the crate” with the dog – toss a treat in, the dog goes in to get it, comes back out, toss another treat in, etc. (with adult supervision)
If your dog does not welcome you with wagging and panting – leave him alone Wait for him to come to you for attention
Run and shout around a dog that is not in a crate Be calm around dogs;
involve the dog in an activity such as chewing on a bone or playing fetch so he doesn’t feel that he needs to chase you in order to have fun.

If your dog gets too rough or excited, be a tree until he gets bored and goes away. Trees are boring to dogs and the dog will soon go away. Stop, fold your hands, look at your feet, wait until the dog leaves or help comes. Never run from a dog!

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Adapted from Doggone Safe. 2016