A Fall hike with our dogs

November 16, 2021

North Georgia Fall Hiking

Saturday morning brought dry, cold, and a bright morning to North Georgia, the perfect antidote to a week of being inside. A good morning for a nice hike with our dogs.

As usual when we are preparing for our walk we considered where we would be going and what we would need. As well as the usual gear, leash, harness, treats, water, poo bag in the pocket; we brought along 30-foot leashes as we decided this walk would be a “Sniffari” for Mitch & Molly. It takes a little bit of what we call Leash Management but is worth it. The dogs get to explore and we know that they cannot get too distracted by a smell or animal and take off.

This was also a good opportunity to practice some of the skills we train with our clients to master. So we occasionally resorted to our “pattern games” to ensure we didn’t end up on our butts going down hill, or get pulled when there was a tempting smell or sound. We also wanted to make sure Mitch & Molly would check in when we wanted them. Here you can see Mitch and Molly execute a whiplash turn and come back to us in a very distracting environment.

Return to handler on cue

The walk was a good experience, good exercise, people to say hi to, water to splash in, and great views to enjoy. Our two enjoyed their morning as you can see

Enjoying the view

Pattern Games come from Control Unleashed program by Leslie McDevitt. Sautee Dog Trainer are Certified Control Unleashed Instructors.